If you’ve ever been touched by a moving sonata or a spine-tingling riff, you know the magic a few special notes can awaken. The only thing more incredible is creating that sound yourself — we teach students how to do just that, in ways that inspire.


Mellanie Shaylor

"Learning music gives you the freedom to talk and feel in sound.”

Uninspired by traditional teaching methods, Mellanie was driven to shake things up — go beyond the manuscript and make music lessons fun. She created the School as a musical haven for children and young adults to explore their musicality — a place to understand that there is more to music than scales, chords, and exams. A place where it's possible to learn and have fun simultaneously, in a creative, nurturing environment.  

Darina Chakarova

"Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand."

It was love at first sight the moment Darina laid eyes on a piano at age 4 — a romance that would continue into adulthood, and influence her teaching today. Now over a decade into her musical career, Darina’s love for music is stronger than ever — an affection that can be felt through her inspired lessons, and the infectious energy she brings to the School.

Anita Shaylor

“Learning music is an emotional outlet, entertainment, and stimulating for life. "

Anita is a classical guitarist and pianist who, for ten years, has been challenging students to leave their shyness at home and express themselves through music. A big kid at heart, she uses playfulness, patience and humour to connect with children from as young as 3 — opening their eyes to the wonders of music.