Every Child is a Star! 

KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching musical skills and concepts to 3-5 year olds.

Mixed age classes encourage older children to lead by example, showing younger learners new skills and behaviors. More than anything, KiddyKeys is a music program that recognises that β€œEvery Child Is A Star” and helps children to see that star quality in themselves and in the people around them.

Here are just some of the things your little musician will enjoy: 

  • Rhythm & movement exercises to develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Recognition of notes and note values, music staff and piano keys
  • Counting exercises to help recognise numbers & develop math skill
  • Building of memory skills through repeated music terminology
  • Creative development through improvisation, composition, and keyboard exploration
  • Development of interpersonal skills through group interaction
  • Improved hand-eye coordination through experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
  • Reinforcement of listening skills
  • Recognition of the music alphabet, colors, and shapes with worksheet activities
  • Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and character development
  • Life lessons incorporating positive emotional and social skills to build self-worth

2018 Pricing and Timetable 

Term Tuition $250 - 8 weeks
4 children per class. Book in now to secure your place for 2018! Email info@msschoolofmusic and we'll find the class that suits your little one best.

Monday 1:30-2:05pm & 2:30-3:05pm
Tuesday 1:30- 2:05pm
Thursday 11:00-11:35am
Saturday 1:00-1:35pm