Our Tribe

Our team is made up of passionate, inspiring, patient musicians that love what they do.

We know that as teachers, sharing the gift of music with our students in a way that makes their learning experience special, memorable, unique and fun for them is the key to each individual student's success. 


Mellanie Shaylor

"Learning music gives you the freedom to talk and feel in sound.”

Uninspired by traditional teaching methods, Mellanie was driven to shake things up — go beyond the manuscript and make music lessons fun. She created the School as a musical haven for children and young adults to explore their musicality — a place to understand that there is more to music than scales, chords, and exams. A place where it's possible to learn and have fun simultaneously, in a creative, nurturing environment.  

Learning music should be fun as well as challenging and it should bring people together. With this in mind, Mellanie has made it her mission to create as many opportunities as possible for students to experience the power of music in empowering ways. 

Darina Chakarova

"Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand."

It was love at first sight the moment Darina laid eyes on a piano at age 4 — a romance that would continue into adulthood, and influence her teaching today. Now over a decade into her musical career, Darina’s love for music is stronger than ever — an affection that can be felt through her inspired lessons, and the infectious energy she brings to the School.




Anita Shaylor

“Learning music is an emotional outlet, entertainment, and stimulating for life. "

Anita is a classical guitarist and pianist who, for ten years, has been challenging students to leave their shyness at home and express themselves through music. A big kid at heart, she uses playfulness, patience and humour to connect with children from as young as 3 — opening their eyes to the wonders of music.


Vivian Chen 

Vivian is a classical pianist and accompanist with a young and modern approach to bringing out the best technique in each student. 

Listening to Vivian play the piano gives you goosebumps. She's really that good! 

With a special interest in technical approach and classical music, Vivian inspires her students, encouraging them to go beyond their comfort zone and see what is possible if they open their mind up to being the most awesome classical pianist they can be. 

You'll find Vivian at our Eltham studio. Book in your complimentary trial here. 


Robert Rothko

Robert loves combining his passion for music with his passion for teaching. He takes a well-rounded approach, incorporating relevant theory knowledge with technical instruction. His goal is to help students become proficient in every aspect of their instrument and have a blast while doing it.  He teachers singing and guitar at our Hawthorn studio. 

Robert is a world-class vocalist and musician originally from Indianapolis, USA. 

His band, Sure Thing, rose quickly to popularity after winning the Big Man on Campus Competition – the largest fundraiser at Indiana University. This was followed by another win at the Indianapolis Battle of the Bands, which led to Sure Thing headlining at the largest annual event on the Indianapolis Canal and receiving commercial radio play. Following in the footsteps of John Mellencamp, Kings of Leon, and Mumford & Sons, the band secured a residency at the iconic Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana. After performing as front man for Sure Thing, Robert played all over Los Angeles as a solo artist for four years, performing regularly in high-profile weddings, corporate events, and historic LA venues. He is now happy to call Melbourne home.

Emily Macnish 


Emily is from sunny Perth and made the move to Melbourne to pursue her dreams! She adores teaching children piano and helping them find their musical style. 

Emily has a deep love of teaching music and providing a warm, safe and fun environment for her students to thrive and create....and of course, have loads of fun! 

With a special interest in early learning, Emily's niche is working with young children and offering them an amazing introduction to piano lessons. 


Tara Shokouhi 

Bubbly, inspiring, patient and always smiling, Tara is a favourite with the little ones!

Specialising in individual piano lessons for 17 and under, Tara's teaching style is engaging, encouraging and modern. She really cares about her students and wants to see them blossom into the budding musicians they aspire to be. 

Tara is currently accepting new students for 2018 on Saturdays at our Eltham studio. 

Tim Manger 

All of our teachers are very special, but Tim is quite unique in that he was the piano teacher that inspired Mellanie to become a music teacher in the first place. He now teaches piano at our Eltham studio, inspiring students in the areas of classical, jazz and pop. 


Tim has a deep passion for music history and is able to talk about composers and musical periods in such engaging ways that students can't get enough! 

With an approach that is fun, modern and with a mentoring spin, Tim enjoys challenging his students to push out of their music comfort zone and really stretch their playing abilities. 

Noah Nicholls 


Noah is our awesome drum teacher! He started playing the drums in primary school when his two best friends asked him to join their band. He didn't actually know what the drums were at this stage! He asked his parents if he could learn the drums, they said yes, and the rest is history. 

Noah plays a wide variety of styles but his focus is on technique, rudimental applications and four way limb independence as these are the skills that allow people to play any style of music that they want. 

His teaching style is fun and engaging, focussing on playing the drums musically and in a way that sits within the styles, rather than as a solo instrument or being a time keeper. 

Noah is in his own band - Dez - and is always playing at a gig or rehearsing when he isn't teaching. Noah became a teacher because he realised how important it is to have a passionate teacher who wants to make a positive impact and change lives through music.