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Are fees paid in advance?
We base tuition fees on a 40-week school year and invoice in advance. We offer a number of flexible invoice options for yearly, monthly, or term payments.

 What do my tuition fees cover?
In addition to your child’s one-on-one lesson time, your fees cover personalised lesson planning and resource development, communication with parents, studio-wide events, and a host of other benefits. We go above and beyond to ensure each child’s learning experience is engaging and exciting.

Can I reschedule missed lessons?
If 24 hours notice is provided, you are entitled to attend a group make up lesson. These are held monthly and dates go out each term to current students. As you reserve a weekly time for your lesson throughout the term and so if you miss a lesson, it is forfeited. 

What happens if my child is late for their lesson?
Unfortunately, lesson times cannot extend past the scheduled timeslot. To avoid disappointment, please ensure your child arrives on time, with their learning resources.

Do I need to be present during my child’s lesson?
Parents can help their children to develop good practice habits. For very young children it is important that parents are fully aware of what needs to be practiced so they can help at home, therefore sitting in on lessons is encouraged. To help our young students fully focus, we request that you observe the lesson from the waiting room immediately outside the studio or from the chair provided inside the studio.

Can I talk to you about my child’s progress?
Absolutely! Feel free to contact us to discuss your child’s progress or offer feedback. You can reach us between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Can either party terminate lessons?
The School reserves the right to terminate lessons without notice due to unpaid fees. In the event of questionable student commitment or behavioural issues, we reserve the right to terminate lessons with four weeks' notice. You may terminate lessons with four weeks' notice or at the end of a Term, whichever is the lesser.