Tim Manger
Pianist, Inspirational Mentor and Composer Mastermind.

‘‘There are a thousand reasons why music must be played, each one sufficient"

All of our teachers are very special, but Tim is quite unique in that he was the piano teacher who creatively inspired Mellanie to become a music teacher.

Tim has a deep passion for music history, which is complemented perfectly by his experience playing with The VJSO and VSA Classical Orchestra. You’ll often find students enthralled by Tim’s passion when he speaks of composers and musical periods in the most engaging of ways.

With a teaching ethos that combines mentoring with an approach that is fun and modern, Tim enjoys challenging his students to push out of their music comfort zone and continually stretch their playing abilities. 

Tim teaches piano at our Eltham studio, inspiring students in the areas of classical, jazz and pop and hosts special workshops and events throughout the year.