Where self-expression, confidence and creativity thrive.

With the right guidance, music is a universal language anyone can learn. From toddlers to young adults, we teach people how to tap into their musical sweet spot and have fun doing it.

Music isn’t something to be locked away for special occasions or set aside for a select few. It should be accessible to anyone who has a love for music and learning. Anyone who wants to experience life with a little extra rhythm.

We’ve built The Mellanie Shaylor School of Music on this philosophy.

Over the years we’ve treasured and taught countless young people how to express themselves and become more confident, through music. Our tribe of musically-minded youngsters don’t just learn how to play; they discover how to feel music — to live it. And that's something they'll take with them long after class ends.

Contact us and find out what it means to live music the Mellanie Shaylor way.

Mellanie Shaylor
Music School Director